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  • PTC has many years of experience in manufacturing of castings for Flow Meters in a variety of alloys . Flow Meters castings manufactured by PTC include Vortex Flow Meters , Ultrasonic Flow Meters etc. in materials ranging from Stainless Steel , Nickel Aluminium Bronze ( NAB ) , Inconel , Hastealloy & Titanium alloys. Flow Meters castings manufactured by us range from a few kgs to 500 kgs single piece.
  • PTC utilizes its Replicast , Rapidcast & investment casting technologies to optimize the designs for Flow Meter Bodies. Use of these technologies reduce the total cost of ownership for customers as PTC’s technologies allow manufacturing of near net shape parts thus reducing weight, optimizing wall thickness, improved flow characteristics due to superior surface finish and also reducing machining allowances and machining time . Further for Vortex Flow meters using PTC’s technologies it has become possible to have single piece design rather than separate body and wedge ( Bluff) thus making end product far more cost effective.
  • PTC has an engineering team, with many years of experience, to assist our customers to value engineer & redesigning castings to extract all the advantages that technologies like Replicast , Printcast & Rapidcast have to offer.