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"A new vision, a new mission, a new reality"

The company is now at the threshold of a new era, new possibilities and a future that shall change the way we think about manufacturing at the component level. The company’s dictum of Aspire. Innovate. Achieve. continues to be the mantra that drives it towards the creation of a customer centric, innovation driven, technology oriented, socially responsible organization, and its vision and mission statements in the context of this new reality has led to the definition of a new vision, a new mission.


"Our vision is to be the #1 choice in the markets we serve, creating value through innovative solutions."


"Our mission is be a leading global manufacturer of engineered metal components, products and systems through sustainable, disruptive and innovative technologies."

We feel this new vision and mission defines who we are as an organization, what we stand for and what we want to achieve in the coming years. We believe these shall serve as guiding principles, and help us to distinguish between the paths that lie before us in order to stay true to our purpose and to achieve that highest pinnacles of success in a morally, socially and ethically responsible manner.

PTC continues to,

  • Aspire, to be a full service supplier for our customers, thereby becoming an integral part of their value chain;
  • Innovate, not just to keep pace with the present, but by becoming leaders in pioneering new technologies, products and processes; and
  • Achieve, a standard of quality such that quality becomes a part of the consciousness of each and every worker .