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Titanium and Zirconium are labelled "reactive metals” because they very rapidly react with oxygen and/or nitrogen to form refractory compounds. Melting of reactive metals involves protecting the molten metal from sources of nitrogen and oxygen. Therefore, vacuum melting techniques and inert ceramic moulds are used.

PTC Equipment Specification:
  • Vacuum pumping system
  • Skull crucible 50Kg - 500Kg
  • Refractory free melting – ensuring inclusion free metal
  • Certified Consumable electrodes
  • Centrifugal & Static casting
  • Rapidcast™, Replicast® & Printcast
Manufacturing Processes:
  • Static and Centrifugal Vacuum Pouring
  • Replicast® Casting (Tooled Foam)
  • PLA Investment Casting (3D Printing)
  • Wax Investment Casting
Size and Weight Ranges:
  • Maximum part size: dia 1000mm (height: 700mm)
  • Maximum weight: 500 kgs
Cast Alloy Capabilities:
  • Pure Titanium Alloys
  • Alloyed Titanium (Ti6Al4V, Ti-6-2-4-2, etc)
  • Zirconium and its Alloys
  • Nickel Superalloys (IN718, IN713, IN738. CM247 etc.)