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Replicast® is a novel moulding and casting process, created to meet demand for tailor made castings and improve quality and dimensional accuracy at the same time.

Our technology replaces conventional wooden patterns with dimensionally precise replicas made from expanded polystyrene made by injection moulding, once the polystyrene replica is complete, it is dipped several times in a special slurry and different grades of ceramic to create the mould for casting. Using inert ceramic shells reduces the possibility of hydrogen defects, which can be a problem with many high alloy steels and Nickel based alloys.

  • High & consistent dimensional accuracy
  • Exceptional surface finish
  • Optimised casting design – parting lines, cores and draft angles eliminated
  • Reduced casting weight – wall sections and machining allowances minimised
  • Consistent casting quality
  • Elimination of gas and hot-tear defects, and sand inclusions
For Serial Production:
  • 40 to 2,500 kgs net wt. per piece
  • Medium to High Volume
  • Die (tooling) required for repetitive production
  • Over 1,000 different castings developed by PTC in Replicast®
  • Producing 1500 tpa Replicast® castings; Capacity 4000 tpa
Process Attributes:
  • Polystyrene patterns formed in aluminium dies
  • Leading to high degree of accuracy
  • No longterm wear of the dies
  • Light, easily to handle patterns which replicate casting precisely
  • Use of replica pattern provides greater design freedom for feeding system
  • Significant reduction in end-product cost due to weight and machining savings