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We have set up the PTC Foundation (the ‘Foundation’) to undertake the CSR activities. Formation of the Trust has given focus to the CSR initiatives of the Company. For us, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a planned set of activities taking into consideration the company’s capabilities, expectations of the communities living in and around the areas of its operation as well as where it has its presence, targeted to have a significant positive impact in long run.

We believe that our approach to corporate social responsibility will benefit the larger ecosystem comprising all our stakeholders. Our efforts towards CSR shall help create long-lasting value across the environmental, social and economic landscapes. We firmly believe that we can fulfill our commitment to our stakeholders only by sustainable growth.

We have always believed sustainable development to be the cornerstone of our business strategy. Our CSR activities are designed to promote sustainable and equitable development so as to improve the quality of life of people in the communities in and around the geographies we operate in. The focus has been on improving the quality of life amongst socially and economically backward communities, promoting education and making people employable through developing vocational skills and technical capabilities.

With new capabilities being acquired by the Company, we acknowledge and understand the need for skilling and up-scaling the existing labour force of the states in which we operate. In an attempt to give back to the community, we have adopted a Skill Development Project to impart key industrial and mechanical skilling techniques and capabilities to the youth. This is an extremely important initiative, being an area of national focus as India readies itself to become the most populated country of the world and one with the youngest workforce ever. Skilling of this young population shall help strengthen the foundation of the new India that has to be built, and we believe that we have a small, but important, role to play in this direction.