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aspire, verb. "to rise to a greater height"

To aspire is to achieve. At PTC, to aspire is to start all things. Aspire sits at the beginning of our motto of Aspire. Innovate. Achieve. and now, Aspire also represents the values that motivate us to achieve our best, that drive us to work towards our purpose, and that define the framework within which we operate.

Our values guide our beliefs and actions, and as a company, they also guide our organisation’s response to external stimulus, they unite our employees and most importantly, they determine what we value most. The definition of these values forms the very core of our organisational culture, and it is important that they are incorporated in to all our processes.

When we began the process of transformation of this company, we realised that there is rarely one thing alone that sets a company on the right path to becoming successful, rather it’s a culmination of many factors that come together, in just the right way. We discovered that one of the key factors involved was having the right group of people, all moving in the same direction towards clearly defined goals.

During the early years of PTC’s growth, our founders focused on developing innovative products and acquiring customers. Throughout this period of formation, creating an initial value proposition of the company gained prime attention. PTC matured slowly to establish itself as a company with an established benchmark of quality, a good industrial setup and proven processes. These early times formed the basic framework in which the company would operate in times to come. They helped to define the company’s aspirations and build the resolve it needed to face the times to come.

As the Company and its customer base grew, so did its aspirations. It began to reach international markets and service industries that required a very high degree of precision, integrity and quality. Many new techniques and processes were incorporated leading to new opportunities and avenues for progress. In the past few years, PTC developed some attributes that characterised its inherent nature: customer centricity, focus on automation, and a favourable predisposition towards new technologies and processes. With the establishment of its new Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Centre, and the phenomenon that we chose to call PTC 4.0 last year, the company is now poised to bring a paradigm shift in the metal cast components industry. PTC’s implementation and adoption of the latest advancements have made it the first and only company in the world that has brought all the latest, most advanced and best-in-class technologies and equipment under a single roof to create unique, unprecedented synergies and opportunities for the manufacture of metal parts.

As the organisation reaches this point of maturity, emphasis is also required on the development of the company and its culture. Even though PTC evolved as an aspiration driven company, its vision, mission and values still required a clear definition. The ultimate goal was of identifying, expressing, and living our aspirations; and for everyone in and around the organization to embrace and act in a manner consistent with these objectives.

As we enter this new era, the definition of our aspirations, and thereby our values, has become an important strategy. Going forward, we are working to implement these, through careful consideration, execution, constant reinforcement, and ongoing support to enable us to reach our goals.

A - Agility | S - Sustainability | P - Passion | I - Integrity | R - Respect | E - Empathy


Success in today's ever-changing, globally competitive environment demands agility—a capacity for rapid change and flexibility. Organizations face ever-shorter cycles for the introduction of new and improved products, and PTC values this attribute tremendously as a key factor in its success.  Major improvements in response times often require new work systems, simplification of work units and processes, or the ability for rapid changeover from one process to another. A cross-trained and empowered workforce is a vital asset in such a demanding environment.

A major success factor in meeting competitive challenges is the design-to-introduction or innovation cycle time. To meet the demands of rapidly changing markets, PTC carries out stage-to-stage integration of activities from research or concept to commercialization or implementation.

All aspects of time performance are now more critical, and lead-times have become a key process measure. Other important benefits are also derived from this focus on time; time improvements often drive simultaneous improvements in work systems, organization, quality, cost, supply-chain integration and productivity.


Sustainability has multiple meanings and can refer to environmental, social and economical sustainability amongst other things.

At PTC, we recognise that our business, has an important role in developing and protecting our environment and in securing its long-term sustainability for future generations. Environmental sustainability entails minimising our impact on the environment to the benefit of a more sustainable future for coming generations. We achieve this goal by actively considering the environment in the choices we make, aligning businesses, training, economics and technology to reduce our waste and carbon footprint.

We aim to maximise the beneficial effects of our activities on our environment, to promote sustainable solutions through employment of energy efficient equipment, use of green energy source and reduction and reuse of waste and other materials. We constantly seek to minimise any harmful effects in the communities and locations in which we deliver our engineering services. We work with everyone to foster this value and we show leadership by promoting best environmental practices.

We realise that by being such a company which effectively manages its environment and its social initiatives, we will also become an enterprise that is economically sustainable in the future.


Passion is an internal motivator, a following of one’s values, a regard of one’s intrinsic, unique desires.  It’s an energy that comes from within – it is not forced on from without.

It’s passion that keeps us up late learning the newest technology. Passion that impels us to evolve to provide product attributes our customers don’t even know they need yet. It’s passion that holds our standards high.

The value for us isn’t just ‘passion,’ it’s ‘passion in all we do.’ It’s not that we don’t have tasks or days we don’t like, it’s that ultimately, if passion fades, we believe that is a bad sign.  When an individual can create and do great work that they enjoy, and they receive the natural benefit of that work, passion is inevitable.  We believe passion can be sustained within a business, and that it can be the difference between a daily joy, and a daily job.

What drives us can best be summed up by passion.  Sometimes that passion is evident – such as working on a new product with no regard for individual needs.  But often it is much more subtle, but no less there, as we work to enhance customer value proactively, uphold the highest standards of quality, plan for the future, leverage technology, and work together for the best interest of our customers.


A business focused on creating value for all must truly rest on a foundation of integrity. For us, it all starts and ends with doing the right thing.  No decision we make can ever go against the principle of integrity. If we do not follow this unhesitatingly, unflinchingly, we risk losing everything that matters – both at PTC, and in life.

Our core value of integrity permeates all levels of our company and reflects our commitment to fostering a culture of ethics and transparency. At PTC, we promote our culture of integrity at all levels of the organisation through our Code of Conduct, our adherence to Corporate Governance principles, openness at the workplace and regular interactions with the employees.

We believe that business, when done right, creates value for all. That businesses based on integrity positively bless all they touch.  That they succeed based on how much value they create for all stakeholders. That they positively impact their clients, team members, vendors, community, environment, and owners.  We believe that as we genuinely seek to create value for those around us, that all prosper as a result.


An organization’s success depends increasingly on building relationships based on mutual trust and shared values with all its stakeholders. Successful internal and external relationships help to develop longer-term objectives and create a solid foundation for the future. 

One of our foremost values is to treat our customers, partners, suppliers and team members, with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity. Respecting people means committing to their engagement, satisfaction, development, and well-being. Increasingly, this involves more flexible, high-performance work practices tailored to varying workplace and home life needs. It also helps us capitalize on the diverse backgrounds, knowledge, skills, creativity, and motivation of all our partners and employees.


Empathy is a Company value that promotes high commitment and cooperation in the workplace. It is the ability to understand another person’s perspective or circumstance whether you agree with this person or not. It is important to successful conflict resolution because understanding diverse perspectives allows collaborative solutions to rise from chaos. Likewise, the ability to beam yourself into another person’s shoes lays the foundation for moral decisions and is a condition for peace. 

Empathy also means understanding ourselves. How are we feeling? How do these decisions affect our attitudes and mental state? Understanding ourselves better helps us solve our problems and be open with each other. 

Stephen Covey said it best: “Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood”.
Developing an empathic approach improves teamwork and relationships. When we have empathy for others, they’ll also work to understand us, and this goes a long way to building a productive and enjoyable working environment. 

We believe that these core values lay the foundation for our success and growth - to succeed in ever changing environments, to solve problems, to lead effectively, and to drive change.