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At the core of PTC’s Human Resource Management (HRM) policy is the underlying belief that employees are our primary source of competitiveness. Hence, we believe in offering the best possible opportunities for growth, development and a better quality of life, while developing their potential and maximising their productivity. We believe that the workplace should provide a climate of openness, fairness and respect for the individual with the freedom to experiment. Mutual trust and teamwork are some of the core values of the Company.

The company has laid down foundations for a quality-centric work culture by involving its employees and ensuring a good work environment. We firmly believe that the growth of the company is directly proportional to the satisfaction level of the employees. Conduction of regular interaction sessions with the employees assists in outlining a framework of their expectations from the organization and allows them to express their views freely, all of which helps to augment their performance level to a great extent.

We encourage employees to perform to their best ability and support open collaboration, engagement and involvement. This helps to improve the skills of employed people and to create a workplace where every person can reach his or her full potential. The work environment gives employees the freedom to learn and improve their proficiency. The employees are given full freedom to explore not only the external environment but also their own capabilities, which encourages them to experiment, transform and achieve. The company believes in talent acquisition and retention, to augment its plan of making its presence more prominent in global markets.