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In today's shifting technology and business landscape, companies face a dual mandate: they must operate with greater efficiency and productivity to run better, while also using innovation to unlock the promise of technology to create growth opportunities for their business. At PTC, we believe in applying our strengths - use of the latest and advanced technologies, capabilities in engineering and operations, and constant focus on innovation - to assist our customers with their transformation. We are dedicated to creating an organisation which combines its passion for customer satisfaction with innovation-driven technology, deep industry expertise, and a global collaborative workforce that embodies the future of our Company.

PTC has already succeeded in reinventing the age-old casting process and brought about a paradigm shift in the way the industry viewed core technologies for the manufacture of critical metal components. While leaps in technology caused evident advancement across other industry spectrums in the world, the casting industry has remained reliant on conventional methodologies and rooted in age-old processes.

With the knowledge and experience of 54 years, PTC promises to radically open up possibilities never available earlier through the development of technology, process improvements and use of robotics and automation for the manufacture of metal components and bring in a new age in the metal cast component industry. Considerable improvements in productivity have been kept in mind, and automation and robot-assisted manufacturing has been employed which further increases the consistency and reliability of the process.

The company has set up a state-of-the-art project called the Advanced Manufacturing & Technology Centre, (AMTC) in Lucknow, India to house the most advanced component manufacturing technologies and infrastructure in the world. This facility is equipped to manufacture products for super-critical applications like Aerospace, Power Plants, Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing and Medical Implants. The technologies and facilities available in this plant have created an indigenous capability for manufacture of high precision components with unparalleled quality, consistency and reliability for super-critical applications. For the first time ever, Titanium Casting technology and manufacturing capability is being brought to India within this facility. The unit shall provide import substitution for key components and pave the way for a new era of best-in-class-manufacturing in the country.

Further, the new technologies being introduced by PTC are one of the most environmentally neutral technologies available today. Environmental consciousness forms the very essence of these technologies. Keen focus and validation has been maintained right through their development to ensure that every step of the process has no adverse impact on the environment. Using these innovative technologies, the company has been able to recycle and reuse a significant amount of materials while generating minimum amount of waste.